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Silent Hill Rumor Surfaces With Supposed Images of the Game

by Jesse Vitelli

We don’t cover a ton of leaks here at Prima, and that’s because many rumors or “leaks” boil down to someone on the internet anonymously just saying words. However, this latest Silent hill rumor piqued our interest because not only did it come with images, but a DMCA takedown as well.

Silent Hill Rumor Surfaces With Supposed Images of the Game

Of course, this is still a rumor; nothing is confirmed by any party involved in this game’s supposed making. Silent Hill has been rumored, talked about, dissected, and even canceled throughout the last handful of years.

This latest rumor comes from the Twitter account Dusk Golem, which posted images related to the rumored entry in the franchise. These images have seen been taken off Twitter, but you can currently see them here.

The images show a room filled with trash and a torn-up wall, a person with words taped on them like “I hate myself”, a hallway filled with post-it notes covering the walls and ceiling, and what looks like a note left on a desk with a popup description.

The moment that further cemented the rumor as more “credible” is the mentioned copyright takedown from Silent Hill’s owner Konami. This information comes from Dusk Golem’s post on the forum showing the copyright takedown.

Dusk Golem has talked before about some cut content from Resident Evil Village, specifically Moreau’s water area.

Again, this is still a rumor, we want to keep reiterating that. It’s entirely possible this project doesn’t exist, or if it does, could be shelved at any time.

This does give Silent Hill fans some hope though, as the fandom has been clamoring for a new entry for years, especially after the cancellation of the Silent Hills game from Hideo Kojima.

Will this “leak” come to fruition? Only time will tell.

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