Silent Hill: Ascension Now Available for Pre-Registration on Google Play

Haunting mobile devices on October 31st

Silent Hill: Ascension is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play store. The fear brought by the upcoming online, interactive experience will be shared by the collective audience on a global scale. Using Genvid’s streaming technology for Massive Interactive Live Events (MILEs), players will collectively decide the outcome of the experience, as their decisions will directly and permanently influence what happens to the characters and story as they watch live.

This new Silent Hill project will be an innovative take that takes the horror genre in a new direction as players’ choices matter more than anything else. Players can now pre-register on the app’s Google Play Store page and download it once it becomes available on October 31 at 6 PM PT. Afterward, new Silent Hill: Ascension content will be released episodically based on the decisions made by players.

According to the app description, the series will follow multiple main characters from different locations around the world who are threatened by otherworldly monsters. Players will be faced with tough decisions as they shape the story and face the consequences with high-fidelity graphics. Additionally, players can also catch up with on-demand episodes if they are left behind at any point. As such, the gripping story of Silent Hill: Ascension will be available for any player at any point in time even if they are late to the party.

Silent Hill: Ascension will be available on mobile devices on October 31.

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