Sideshow Level Up! Week Shows off Figures from Street Fighter, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Sonic, Zelda and More

That's a lot of expensive nerd stuff in one room

Last week, renowned collectible company Sideshow hosted a Level Up! Week event, a virtual convention-like display showing off recent and upcoming gaming-centric figures. Several manufacturers were represented, including Hot Toys, PCS and First 4 Figures. The variety on display was wide as well, albeit with Marvel’s gaming universes taking center stage.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac Games’ PlayStation hit, was the marquee display of Level Up! Week, as well as the follow-up, Miles Morales. Several different suits from the game were on display, such as Spider-Punk, Bodega Cat (with Spider-Cat!), the Negative Suit and more. Hot Toys was largely represented here, with several large-scale figures.

PCS was very much shown off through Capcom’s Street Fighter series, with a pair of Akuma statues celebrating the company’s tenth anniversary, and a massive 1:3 scale Cammy figure based on her first appearance in Super Street Fighter II. 

The third big display was First 4 Figures, which was at the show to display its classic Sonic the Hedgehog figure, along with Zelda and Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo also snuck in a new Pokeball replica from The Wild Company, which Sideshow touts as the very first official Pokemon replica collectible. It lights up, too!

For a full list of what was shown off at Sideshow’s Level Up! Week event, you can check out a blog on the official website breaking down the full list with product links. Readers, what do you think of this premium gamer merch? Let us know at Prima Games’ Facebook and Twitter channels!


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