Yacht Club Games, who successfully reached its KickStarter goals for its 8-bit style platformer Shovel Knight, today revealed the full group of bosses that you'll face in the game – The Order of No Quarter.

Led by The Enchantress, the group definitely looks like a Mega Man-like boss bunch.  You've got the Specter Knight, the Propeller Knight, the Polar Knight, the King Knight, the Plague Knight, the Treasure Knight, the Tinker Knight and the Mole Knight.

In true Mega Man-style fashion, once you beat a boss enemy you acquire a certain ability from them that you can use in the game.    For example, The Propeller Knight gifts you with the propeller dagger that you can use to run enemies through. 

We'll have a strategic preview for Shovel Knight, which is due next year for both Wii U and 3DS as a digital download, in the months ahead.  This game is already making us yearn to play some Mega Man and DuckTales again.  Where'd that NES get to?