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Shadow of War Gets Free Fight Pits Today

by Josh Hawkins

Middle-Earth Shadow of War continued the rise to power that began in Shadow of Mordor, and added quite a few new things to the mix. On top of all the things added in the original release of the game, though, the developers have taken things a step further, and today they’ve released a free update to the game that adds in an Online Fight Pits mode that will allow players to take their best fighters and send them into the arena to fight other player’s fighters.

Just a few short weeks ago WB Games announced that Middle-Earth: Shadow of War would receive five completely free updates before the end of 2017. We already saw the arrival of Endless Siege and Rebellion, as well as the release of the Enhanced Photo Mode. Now, WB is ready to release the fourth piece of free content, which will allow players to pit their best-trained fighters against other fights from players around the world.

If your fighter manages to survive a fight, he’ll move up in the ranks, giving him the chance to take on more powerful enemies, allowing him to become stronger and stronger. Of course, like any good fight pits, defeat means death, so you’ll want to make sure you only send in fighters that you’re confident in.

You can check out the DLC in action through the trailer below.

Shadow of War’s new Online Fight Pits are currently available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. All you’ll need to do to get access to the new pits is download the latest update for the game and start playing. For more help with Shadow of War, be sure to check out our Shadow of War walkthrough and guide for in-depth features to assist you in taking down your enemy’s armies and making your own much stronger.

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