FIFA 10 has been given an innovative new feature named Create A Set-Piece, it allows the players to create custom curve ball choreograph pieces.

The editor will divide the pitch into a set of squares, and from each square, the player will be able to create a set piece to save their player profile. Every square can have a maximum of up to four set pieces saved for use, therefore giving scope for 32 unique kicks.

The player can record where each team member moves in the set-piece, this can be recorded in real-time and then reattempted as necessary. Each player movement is able to be recorded in various steps, allowing for a high degree of control. The pieces can then instantly be tested against an AI defense team.

"Our set-pieces [in FIFA 09] weren't as unpredictable as we liked; probably one of the weaker areas of our game last year," Dave Rutter said in a chat to Eurogamer.

Apparently Thomas Brolin’s goal against for Sweden against Romania back in 1994’s World Cup was the inspiration for the editor. "How do we make that happen? We need to script players. We can't script the AI so we need an editor."

Eurogamer were told that the chances of the custom set-pieces being available as tools for online matches was very unlikely. Swapping tactics is also set to be ruled out after the problems with FIFA 09.

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