Sega is prepping Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for its big unveil next week, but the company is wasting no time promoting the Wii U version of the game, which will drop two days earlier than the others, in time for the system's launch on November 18th.

The trailer highlights most of the features, including being able to switch between the GamePad display and the TV with the press of a button, along with being able to use the secondary screen as a rear view mirror (to see enemies behind you), a map of the current level, and the weapons inventory screen.  What's more, you can also use the GamePad as a motion steering device, if you prefer to feel like you're driving rather than just using an analog stick.

But perhaps the most notable feature is the multiplayer.  Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed will support up to five players locally – one with the GamePad and four others through the TV, ala Wii remotes – and ten players through online match-ups over the Nintendo Network.  Sweet!

Look for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed on the 18th for Wii U, and on November 20th for other platforms!