Sega's vintage arcade days are living on in a whole new venue.
Today, Sega of Japan has announced that they are producing a number of their classic arcade games for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, as part of their "Model 2" hardware line-up.  Though not every one of their arcade games will be making a transition (where's Super GT and Sega Rally?!), we are getting quite a few gems in the process.
Virtua Fighter 2, which originally made its way onto the Sega Saturn after arcade release, is leading the pack, along with two other fighting games, Fighting Vipers and Sonic: The Fighters.  These were previously given ratings for Xbox Live, so they're not a genuine surprise.
However, two other games have joined the pack as well.  Virtua Striker, a virtual soccer game, and Cyber Troopers: Virtual On, a competitive versus robot game that came out for Xbox Live a year and a half ago, have also been announced.
Also, Sonic the Fighters will include an exclusive new fighter, Honey the Cat, who was originally cut from the arcade game.
Release dates haven't been given for these games, nor any sort of confirmation for US release, but we should definitely start seeing them roll out over the next few months.  We'll have more information soon.  Meanwhile, watch the trailer and dream of arcade goodness…