Sega's definitely got a thing for re-releasing its classic games in a new HD format, especially considering last week's double dose of downloadable goodness with NiGHTS Into Dreams HD and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.  But we may get a triple dose of fighting action soon, if a recent rating from German software regulator USK is to be believed.

According to them, three games have been given ratings for release on Xbox Live Arcade, and though Sega is mum at the moment, they're all looking VERY likely for release.

The first, Virtua Fighter 2, originally appeared in arcades before heading to the Sega Saturn in an arcade perfect translation.  Seeing as how Virtua Fighter 5 is already out on Xbox 360, this might seem like a step backwards, but classic fans will love it.

The second, Fighting Vipers, is a unique 3D cage fighting game, where opponents can actually lose pieces of armor depending on where you hit them.  The characters are quirky, yet enjoyable.

Finally, Sonic and his friends appear in Sonic the Fighters, a cartoony 3D fighting game with lots of polish and interesting moves.

It's disappointing that the awesome Fighters Megamix wasn't considered for a downloadable release (yet, anyway), but this triple dose of fun should be just the thing fighting fans are looking for.  Once they're officially announced, we'll be back with previews and release dates.