The San Diego Comic-Con is only a few short days away, and if the massive litter of boxes strewn across the floor of the Prima Games offices is any indicator, we’ve got some great plans for the SDCC-goer.

Some of you may remember our recent reveal of the exclusive Tyler Stout limited edition print for Sleeping Dogs? Yes? Good, because we’ve got some more news regarding our Sleeping Dogs giveaway.

Sleeping Dogs Variant Print by Tyler Stout
If you’d already set your sights on scoring the signed and numbered (#/100) Prima Games variant screen print at the show, then you might want to grab a rabbit’s foot, (hidden?) four-leaf clover, or lucky horseshoe, because we’ll not only be giving away 20 signed and numbered variants, but 20 of the regular POSTERS as well…as part of the same prize package. Oh, and we’ll throw in a Sleeping Dogs meat cleaver while we’re at it.

Let’s recap. That’s 1 Prima Games red variant screen print, and one regular POSTER , and a Sleeping Dogs meat cleaver (not a real one, of course). Not bad for a free give-away, right?

Original and Variant Sleeping Dogs print poster by Tyler Stout

Anyhow, in order to win one of our 20 limited prize packages, you will have to be present at the show. Don’t worry; we’ll also have an online Facebook contest for people that aren’t able to attend. A link to the contest for attendees at Comic-Con will be provided shortly before the show.

Here are a few details to get you started:

We'll pick (2) random winners from all eligible Comic-Con attendees at the following times:

Friday, July 13 at 11AM, 2PM and 4PM PST

Saturday, July 14 at 11AM, 2PM, 4PM and 6PM PST

Prima Booth #1516

Our friends at Square Enix will also host part of the sweepstakes at their booth, so you’ll have more than one place to enter 1 of the 20 prize packages. Check out their blog for more details coming soon!

Oh, and one last thing; there will be more than 20 winners. People that don’t win one of our 20 Sleeping Dogs prize packages will also be eligible to win one of 100 Sleeping Dogs promo screen prints. They’re NOT numbered or signed, but they still feature the beautiful artwork of Tyler Stout.

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@PrimaGames and @R3D_STAR) and like us on Facebook for more details, as we get closer to the show.

In anticipation of some questions that may pop up, here’s a quick Sleeping Dogs Giveaway FAQ.

Q: Will I have to be at the show to win?

A: Yes and No. We will hold the drawings at Comic-Con and you must be present to pick up your prize. However, for those that can't make it, you can enter to win via our Facebook Fan Page beginning July 9, 2012.

Q. Can I enter both on FaceBook and at the show?

A. Absolutely, but you can only win once.

Q. How many of variant prints are there?

A. There are 100 Prima Games variants that are signed and numbered by Tyler Stout (though we’re only giving away 20 at the show), another 150 that are NOT signed or numbered, but not all will make it out to the public. In truth, maybe half of the total 250 will be made available to the general public.

Q. Why not?!

A. We’re all fans and we’re also very appreciative of our Square Enix partners, so some of these will make their way to people that actually worked on the Sleeping Dogs products.

Q. So where are the other 80 variant prints?

A. Can’t say much on this, but I can tell you this: Of the 100 signed and numbered, Prima Games only has 50.

Q. How many of the regular edition prints are there?

A. Can't say... ;)

Q. Are the regular prints signed and numbered as well?

A. Sadly, no. Only the Prima Games variants are signed and numbered. EDIT: The regulars are NOT screen prints, but regular posters. However, they ARE 24x36 and still totally awesome. :)

Q. Are there any other markings on the screen print variant?

A. Yes. Tyler created a stamp just for us! Check it out!

Prima Games exclusive stamp by Tyler Stout

Q. Will you be providing tubes for the posters?

A. Unfortunately not. So if you consider yourself a very lucky person capable of winning a random sweepstakes, you should definitely bring your own tube to transport the print(s) home.

Q. Will you update this post with more questions and answers?

A. You bet.

UPDATE: The regular edition is a poster, not a screen print. Sorry for any confusion. But hey, it's all FREE!