It's been a while since any sort of additions have come for the 8-bit style brawling game Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, based on the film of the same name, and there was supposed to be an update coming that would add crucial features, only for it to be indefinitely delayed.

Well, delayed no more.  Today, Ubisoft announced that the long-awaited add-ons for the game, mainly the online multiplayer, will finally be coming this week for $4.99, or 400 Microsoft points.

The content allows you to hook up with friends online – a feature that Ubisoft has been wanting to add for what seems like ages – on either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade.  In addition, a new character, the powerful Wallace Wells, is also being added to the cast, making him the first person to join the team since Knives Chau entered the fray over a year ago.

We've included a trailer for your viewing pleasure here, and you can download the content starting tomorrow on PSN, and Wednesday on Xbox Live.  We're totally in lesbians with it.