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Scarlet Nexus DC and Free Updates are Coming Soon

by Lucas White

Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco’s new IP and new-generation console debut, was quite well received even by those outside the anime sphere. Considering the game’s status and things like anime adaptation, I was surprised at the lack of DLC at launch. But this morning, Bandai Namco revealed that more Scarlet Nexus is on the way.

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So far, this information seems to have only popped up on Scarlet Nexus’ Steam page, so details are relatively sparse. It’s also unclear whether or not certain updates are at parity with all versions of the game. Either way, the update notes that both paid DLC and new, free content will be hitting Scarlet Nexus in the near future.

The list of upcoming DLC was offered as follows:

  • external creator-designed original costumes sets
  • weapon sets
  • bond system extensions

This was introduced with a “such as,” implying there could be more beyond what was given here. Also, “external creator-designed” typically means folks like manga and anime artists collaborate on the designs.

No information was given on the free content, other than that it’s on the way. Notes were also provided for an upcoming (this month) 1.03 patch for Scarlet Nexus, adding the following changes:

  • Camera position and tracking speed option
  • Enemy lock-on aim assist (Left stick control ON/OFF) option
  • Enemy lock-on camera speed option
  • Text size (brain talk messages / system log) adjustment option
  • SAS Activation Animation toggle option
  • Smoother and quicker protagonists’ start movements outside battles
  • Bug fixes

The console versions of Scarlet Nexus currently sit at version 1.002, but these are significant enough changes that I presume they’re coming that way too.

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