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Save Over 60% on Action/RPG eGuides!

by Prima Games Staff

This Weekend, Take over 60% Off Your Favorite Action/RPG eGuides! Ends Dec. 23, 2012!

Dragon Age Origins Official eGuide
Battle the Blight across the entire Origins series with every weapon and skill available thanks to our countless hours of research and game time, as well as exclusive maps.

Dragon Age Origins Awakening Official eGuide
Take up the mantle of Grey Warden again with this exciting expansion pack to Dragon Age: Origins. Featuring strategy on the new levels, new companions and new enemies to fight.

Dragon Age II Official eGuide
Return to the world of Thedas in Dragon Age II. The Blight may have ended, but resentment and tension rides high in The Free Marches. Get the complete walkthrough with annotated area maps and step-by-step action, expanded strategies, advanced tactics and more!

Dungeon Siege III Official eGuide
Crush your enemies, steal their treasure, and hear every bit of their lore. Get advanced combat strategies and defeat every boss in every level!

Hunted The Demon’s Forge Official eGuide
We fully explore Kala Moor and guide you through all side quests and hard to find items. Choose your role with our comparison of the strengths and skills of E’lara and Caddoc, while learning the best ways to spend crystals to upgrade your character. Plus, find every hidden item and reveal every secret!

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