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Sandbox MMO Pax Dei Enters Early Access on June 18, Founder’s Packs Available Now

Pax your bags.

Mainframe Industries, developers of the upcoming social sandbox MMO Pax Dei, have just announced that the early access launch will begin on June 18, 2024. Pax Dei, currently one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, is an open-world sandbox adventure that harkens back to a time when MMO communities, economies, and storylines were entirely player-driven.

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Pax Dei is a game about people interacting with each other – the war and peace they will make, the social structures that will emerge. The game can’t be built without players,” said Reynir Hardarson, Game Director and co-founder at Mainframe Industries. “We want to gather a community of people willing to work very closely with the development team. Early Access means that you are on the floor with us.

Access to the Pax Dei early access launch is granted through three separate Founder’s Packs, ranging from $39.99 to $99.99 and including various exclusive rewards along with access to the game for the entire duration of its pre- and post-launch roadmap.

The game is expected to remain in Early Access for at least a year and plans to expand in all directions based on reactions and feedback from its players. Being in a heavy developmental phase, players should expect occasional wiping of servers and characters, however, several foundational systems are already in place to give players plenty of things to do. Gathering resources, crafting and building homes, and exploring large areas with both PvE and PvP combat are currently present in the Early Access build.

Pax Dei Early Access is available for pre-purchase starting today and will be playable on PC, via Steam or the game’s dedicated launcher.

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