Saints Row: The Third was one of our favorite games last year not just because of its outrageous nature, but because it took the Grand Theft Auto ball and rolled with it. It gives you freedom over a number of activities and lets you raise all sorts of havoc, whether it is with small firearms or an oversized sex toy. You read that right.

With that, THQ has announced that its director's cut of the game, Saints Row: The Third – The Total Package, will be released this Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $49.99. The game includes the full retail release, along with the three extra downloadable missions and the various bits and pieces of DLC that have been released over the past few months.

Oh, and if you can track down the launch trailer (which is mature rated), it's worth a view. Sasha Grey is not only hot, but to the point when it comes to getting cash. "Just rob a ****ing bank."