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Saints Row Reboot Delayed From February To August 23 2022

by Jesse Vitelli

The reboot of Saints Row has been delayed from February 25, 2022, to August 23, 2022. This six-month delay came last night after an official announcement from Chief Creative Officer of Volition Jim Boone.

Saints Row Reboot Delayed From February To August 23, 2022

You can the full statement below.

“Satins Row will no longer release on the originally announced date of 25th February 2022, instead it will launch worldwide on 23rd August 2022.

Our priority is to create the best Saint Row game yet and, if we released on the original date, it wouldn’t be up to the standards we’ve set ourselves, and that you’re expecting and deserve. The team just needs more time to do our vision justice; we’re doing some fine-tuning and there won’t be much change in the game outside of overall quality and polish.

We’re sorry we’re delaying the game, we’re confident this is the right decision to make sure the game is fucking awesome when it launches.” 

Jim Boone also goes on to say that “this will be the biggest and best Saints Row gam ever.” but that of course, is only possible with the extra time granted from this delay.

Moving out of an already stacked February is a good move. There are so many games in that now crowded month and game that moves away.

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