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Saints Row IV Gets Presidential With New Trailer

by Prima Games Staff

Saints Row IV is cruising right along in its development and today Deep Silver showed more signs of its progress with a new trailer.  The video features the main character (a Saint acting as the President of the United States) delivering more than a State of the Union Address.

We get to see more of what the Prez is capable of doing against alien forces and anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way, including kicking someone off a building (right into the path of an oncoming ambulance!), slamming enemies from a distance with an airborne attack and delivering wrestling moves while dressed as Uncle Sam.  Because AMERICUH!

You can watch the trailer for yourself here and “hail to the chief” to your heart’s content.  Be sure to read our first impressions of the game as well if you want to learn more about its over-the-top antics because who wouldn’t?

Saints Row IV hits stores on August 20th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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