RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – Son of Rome

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the eighth and final level of RYSE: Son of Rome.

Son of Rome

Following the introduction cinematic, your task is to man the scorpio and take down all relevant targets. This means aim for anything with a white arrow on it. If you see a flashing red arrow, those targets take priority. Ignore the mass of Barbarians at the line of soldiers. When you can call for a volley of arrows, do so. This is a lengthy battle that will fail if you do not prioritize your targets.

With the targets down, you are greeted with another short cinematic. Head up the stairs and go left just beyond the soldier holding a shield. Jump over the clutter to find a CHRONICLE in the far right corner of this dark area. Head in the opposite direction and jump over the small barrier to move into the next room.

Three Barbarians attack, including one bear-head. Take them down, then head through the gate at the end on the right. In the corner, on the far right side is a dead body that holds another SCROLL. Turn around and head back through the gate, then to the right over a fallen column. Drop down and continue down the ramp. As soon as you reach the bottom, make a u-turn to the left and attack the wooden boards that block your path into the area in the far corner. Another CHRONICLE is found in the far left corner, near the large barrel.

Turn around and head out of this small area and to the left. Jump over another fallen column to find a dead body just beyond. Examine it to find another SCROLL. Turn around again and head straight over the fallen column, then to the left where your soldiers await. Head up the stairs to the left, then hop over yet another fallen column on the left. Climb up the ladder in this small area to find another VISTA shield.

Head back down the ladder, then down the stairs and to the left of your soldiers. Just ahead is another flag, but don’t interact with it just yet. To the right of the flag is what looks like a pile of wooden junk. Slide under the wood blocking the area, then look to the right to find another CHRONICLE.

Access the flag, then determine which side your troops should defend. If you choose the left side, you’ll have to use the scorpio to defend the right side. If you choose the right side, archery support cannot be called in. Choose the left side, then have the archers offer support (the right side) if you do not feel confident with the scorpio and your melee skills. If you are confident, have the archers support your troops and target the left side.

Once the Barbarians are down, turn around and head through the opening where the wreckage has been cleared. Take out a few of the Barbarians to trigger another cinematic. After the revelation that Boudica must die, head into the far left corner of the area. Move through the red tapestry and to the left to find another CHRONICLE.

Head back out to the main area and up the stairs to the right. Continue forward through the doorway, then to the right where the soldier waits. Toward the end of the next room, a dead body that holds another SCROLL is on the left. Continue forward and down to the right to engage more Barbarians. Take them out, then climb up where the scorpio is. Shoot the cauldron just ahead, then hop down and head through the newly opened gate.

When the soldier who opened the gate turns to the right, hop over the small barrier on the left to find the last VISTA shield. Jump back over the barrier and up the makeshift wooden ramp. Go to the end of the corridor, then make a u-turn around to the right. At the end of this section is another CHRONICLE.

Head back the way you came, then up the stairs to the right. Take a left when you see your archers. Call for volleys and use the pilums to take down the enemy archers across the way. Head to the end of the corridor and to the right into the next area. Head over the next makeshift wooden ramp, then to the right. There is a gate at the end of this area on the left. Force open the gate, then strike the wooden blockade in the far right corner. Just beyond is the final CHRONICLE hidden item.

Meet back up with your soldiers and prepare to engage the war elephants. You need to make your way across the bridge while evading elephants and avoiding the fire. There’s a small alcove on the right about halfway down the bridge. Weave around the fire and evade the elephants until you reach the alcove. Stay in the alcove until it’s clear to traverse the rest of the bridge. The elephants won’t stop, so you just need to wait until there isn’t one coming down the right side before you move again.

When you reach the end of the bridge, climb up near the red cloth and man the scorpio on the right to initiate another cinematic. Hop down, then immediately circle around to the right to find a dead Roman soldier near the end. Examine it to find the last SCROLL. Congratulations, you’ve now collected all of the hidden items in RYSE: Son of Rome!

Unfortunately, you still haven’t beaten the game, so let’s continue. Head in the opposite direction and up the next two sets of stairs to face Boudica in the open area. Boudica has two different attack patterns. She’ll attack with three straight strikes, two normal strikes followed by a heavy strike, or she’ll wind up and use a single heavy strike. You can deflect all of these attacks, but if you properly time a deflect when she uses a heavy strike, she’ll be open to a counterattack. Pay close attention to whether or not she winds up or just goes for a quick attack.

Deplete her health bar once and you’ll be treated to a short cinematic, knocking her over the railing. The fight is not yet complete. You must face her one more time, although she uses the same strategies.

Defeat Boudica, then prepare for the final battle against Nero. This is just a series of quick time events as you take down Nero’s guards and eventually initiate a cutscene depicting Nero’s death. Congratulations, you have completed the game!

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