RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – Pax Romana

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the sixth level of RYSE: Son of Rome.

Pax Romana

After the cinematic, head up the ramp to the right and then climb down to join your troops. Watch out for red circles on the ground that indicate catapult attacks. After the initial barrage, target the siege engines and take down any Barbarians that appear. Run up to any ladders you see and press Y to knock them away.

When the siege towers make it to the wall, move in quickly to run the three sets of ropes with X. Any Barbarians that make it down to engage you should be taken out quickly. Order your archers to provide cover fire to speed up the fights. With the first siege tower down, you must repeat this process two more times.

After the initial battle, you find yourself back on the ground. Move straight ahead until you reach the soldier on the platform ahead. Move to the left and through the small opening in the wooden fence to find a fallen soldier. Examine him to collect another SCROLL.

Head into the slums and around the corner to the right to see a fire in the alley on the left. To the right of the fire is a VISTA shield. Collect it and continue down the alley until you see an open doorway on the left. Enter the building and search the left side of the room to find another CHRONICLE.

Continue down the alley until you reach the next open area. Two Barbarians await. Sneak up on the first one and perform an execution, then take down the second Barbarian. Climb the ladder and head to the left. Round the corner, but before you jump down through the opening on the right, head through the small pathway on the left. There’s a dead Roman soldier here who holds a SCROLL.

Collect the scroll and continue into the next area. Use the pilums to take down the archers, or close in if you prefer melee combat. Head to the left and take out the Barbarians ahead. The one with the bear hat must be stunned with a strong attack before he’ll take much damage.

Take down the next set of Barbarians, then climb up the structure and into the burning building. Head for the glowing yellow cart in the middle. Push the cart down, then move up to the slightly higher platform and around to the opening on the right.

Jump down to the ground, then turn around and head to the left of the cart, back into the burning building. Another dead solider is here, holding a SCROLL. Collect the scroll, then head out onto the docks and into the house on the left. Once inside, look to the right of the fire to find another CHRONICLE.

Leave the house and climb up the ladder to the left. Kill the Barbarians at the top, then continue on your way and take out the remaining Barbarians in the area. Proceed into the market and through to the ramp on the other side. Move up the ramp and head to the left when you reach the top. Go through the small opening in the corner to find another wooden path. At the end of the path is another CHRONICLE.

Collect the chronicle, then head back into the main area and access the flag ahead to order your troops into formation. Move forward as you wait for the archers to ready their arrows. When you see the arrows up, press and hold A to take a defensive position. You can’t mount a counterattack until you’re about halfway across the bridge. Once you’re there, wait for another barrage of arrows, then hold LT to target the archers and unleash your pilums.

Climb up the ladder and head to the right over the wooden plank. Drop down to the platform below, then down the set of ramps to the right. At the end of the path is a dead soldier carrying another SCROLL.

Head back up the ramp and climb the ladder. Go left and drop down into the square below. Move all the way to the left to find a set of crates covered by a white tarp. Climb up the crates to the platform above and head to the left once more. Just before you reach the end of the path, there’s a small opening on the left where a CHRONICLE is found.

Go back the way you came and drop down into the square again. Head up the ramp to the left, then make a right when you reach the top. At the end of the path is another CHRONICLE. Turn around and head up the next ramp. Veer to the right when you reach the top to find another VISTA shield up against the wall.

Turn around and climb the ladder to the right, then climb up to the next platform. Run to the end and drop down into the square on the right. Continue forward and take out the Barbarians that attack. With the Barbarians down, climb up between the two statues and regroup with your commander, Vitallion.

Follow Vitallion through the building and outside where he speaks with the troops. He then goes back inside, through another section of the building and emerges on the other side. After he emerges, head to the left to find another CHRONICLE around the corner.

Collect the chronicle, then head past Vitallion to the defensive line. Take control of the scorpio and attack the explosive barrels and Barbarians while ordering several volleys from the archers. Defeat the attacking Barbarians, then head back through the building to engage two more Barbarians. Defeat them to watch another cinematic, but the level is not over yet! You must fend off several more Barbarians to initiate another cutscene and complete the level.

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