RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – The King

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the fourth level of RYSE: Son of Rome.

The King

Head to the right and follow the river until you reach the small waterfall. Climb down the right side and pick up the VISTA shield leaning up against the boulder. Continue to the left of the boulder and defeat the Barbarians ahead. Move under the fallen tree, then head left under a second fallen tree. At the end of the path is another CHRONICLE. Head back the way you came, then left after you cross under the fallen tree again.

Drop down to the water and head across the river and to the right. Continue down the pathway until you get to the end of the hanging dead bodies. There’s a trap ahead, but it will not hurt you. Continue moving forward until a Barbarian with two swords attacks. This Barbarian will attack multiple times in a row, even if you deflect his attacks. Be prepared to deflect multiple times in a row before you counterattack. Defeat the Barbarian and his friend, then move toward the small waterfall on the left to find a dead Roman soldier glowing green. Examine the body to obtain another SCROLL.

Head down the path, but this time be vary of traps. You must press the corresponding button color to avoid instant death. Defeat the Barbarians ahead and continue under the fallen tree and down the path. Another trap awaits just ahead. Shatter it and continue pressing forward.

Drop down into the next section and defeat the Barbarians. Cross under the fallen tree ahead, then move around to the right to find another CHRONICLE behind a tree stump. Head across the river and beyond the pile of dead bodies.

Climb up the first platform, then head right to climb up to the second platform. Just to the right is a dead body. Examine the body to find another SCROLL. Grab the scroll and continue to climb up until you see a few glowing yellow crates. There’s another CHRONICLE to the right of the crates, behind a wooden box.

Head to the far side of the crate to push it down and make the lift rise to the next level. Use the pilums to take down the archers ahead, or quickly drop down to their level and defeat them in close-range combat. Climb up to the next platform, then move to the right to find another glowing green dead body. Examine it to obtain another SCROLL.

Continue up the ramp and take down the archers to the right. You can use pilums or move in for close-range combat. Head up the ladder and across to the remaining archers. Take them down, then finish off the last few Barbarians in the immediate area.

Head to the left to find another set of glowing yellow crates. Knock them over to raise the lift, then move straight ahead until you reach the end near the hanging straw. Take a right and you’ll see a few barrels acting on the right. Hop over this to get another SCROLL.

Climb up the ladder ahead and continue down the platform. As you approach the end (but not quite the end), there’s a dead body on the right. Examine it to find another SCROLL. Pick it up and continue forward to engage Boudica.

Boudica uses a series of attacks that ends with a heavy attack that cannot be deflected. Use Y repeatedly until she’s stunned, then attack with X until she recovers. Repeat this process until she begins to attack, at which point deflect all of her attacks until you see her flash red. At this point, dodge to avoid the heavy attack, then use Y repeatedly to stun her again. Once Boudica retreats, defeat the Barbarians that attack.

Head forward and interact with the flag to command your troops into formation. Move forward until you see the archers prepare to fire, then press and hold A to block their arrows. As soon as the arrows have been blocked, hold LT until all of the Barbarians have arrows over their heads, then release. Continue this process until all of the Barbarians are dead.

When the formation is broken, head to the right and into the small cave. When you see a skeleton on a stone slab, move around behind the slab and to the right to find another CHRONICLE on the ground. Pick up the chronicle and head over to the wall to the left near the glowing pilum. Climb up the wall here and proceed through the cave.

At the end of the cave is a single Barbarian. Take him out, then throw a pilum at one of the explosive barrels below to take out most of the Barbarians. Call for your troops by holding LB, then drop down and defeat any remaining Barbarians.

Move forward until you’re near the front of your troops. Look to the left to find another CHRONICLE. Pick it up, then turn around to find a VISTA shield against the wall on the opposite side. Continue forward to initiate a short cutscene, then take down the Barbarians ahead. The two that attack with flaming swords will attack multiple times, even if you deflect their strikes. Use Y repeatedly until they’re stunned, then attack with X and repeat the process. Defeat all of the Barbarians as quickly as possible to save your troops and complete the level.

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