RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – Edge of the World

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the fifth level of RYSE: Son of Rome.

Edge of the World

After the opening cinematic, head to the back of your troops and over to the hillside on the left. In the brush is another CHRONICLE. Grab the item and head down the path until you reach the second progression marker (shaped like a bird). Veer off to the right to find another CHRONICLE hidden in the brush. This happens while the two soldiers are discussing how scared they are, and before any fighting takes place in the level.

Continue to follow the path and cross the bridge to find an ambush awaiting you. These creatures look like Minotaurs, but since we know those aren’t real, they probably just have costumes on. For now we’ll call them Minotaurs anyway. Do your best to fight off the Minotaurs until another cutscene begins and you get kicked off the cliff. Fear not, you’re still alive and now you have a reason to kill the bad guys!

Head down the path until you reach the campfire. Just beyond the fire is another VISTA shield. Collect the item, then continue down the path. After you drop down to the area below, move ahead with caution. Three traps await in the tall brush as you approach the torch ahead, then a fourth when you reach the torch. Hit the corresponding button color when the traps appear to avoid taking damage.

Follow the path down to the campfire on the right to engage in combat with another Minotaur. This one is different from the others. You’ll need to use strong attacks (hold X or Y) to take him down. Once he’s dead, walk to the fallen tree to the right of the campfire, then head to the left as you approach the cliff. Here you will find another CHRONICLE in the brush.

Head back the way you came and take a left at the campfire. Several Minotaurs attack from underground. Take them down, then continue down the path until you hop over another fallen tree. Head to the right while avoiding attacks from the archers ahead. At the end of the path is a dead body. Examine the body to find the next SCROLL.

Pick up the scroll and grab pilums in this area and head to the edge of the cliff to take down the archers. Follow the path back the way you came and move down into the area where the archers were and continue making your way through the area. When you reach the cave where your troops are being held, jump down and engage the Minotaurs. There’s another larger Minotaur here that must be stunned with strong attacks before you can damage him. Take the large one out first, then focus on the normal enemies.

With all of the Minotaurs down, head to the corner of the cave opposite where your troops are being held to find a CHRONICLE in the dark. Walk to the cage that holds your men and press X to set them free. Continue down the path to find explosive barrels on the right. Ignore those for now and instead head to the left to find a dowsed fire. Just behind the fire is the dead body of a Roman soldier. Examine the body to find another SCROLL.

Collect the scroll, then head back to where you saw the explosive barrels. Throw pilums at the barrels to ignite them and damage the Minotaurs nearby, or rush in and take them out with standard melee combat. Once all of the Minotaurs are defeated, head down the watery path opposite the execution platforms. At the end of the path you’ll find a CHRONICLE on the right.

Grab the chronicle, then head over to the glowing green flag to organize your troops. Determine if you want the archers firing at the enemies on the ridge or in the area below. Choose the left option to fire at the ridge, then head to the scorpio on the right. Wait until you see the enemies, then fire at the explosive barrels to take most of them out. Continue to target enemies that remain until they’ve all been taken care of.

Head back down into the area below but do not give additional orders to your troops at the flag. Instead, head to the gate where the enemies entered and look in the brush to the left just outside the gate. A dead Roman soldier is found here. Examine the body to find another SCROLL.

Access the flag in the middle of the Minotaur camp to command your troops, then proceed through the ravine. Three times, archers attack from above. Watch the path ahead and alternate between your shields (hold A) and firing your pilums (hold RT) until you’ve defeated all three sets of archers.

As soon as you’re free to move again, straight ahead is another VISTA shield laying up against some wood. Grab the vista, then continue forward to engage the next set of Minotaurs. Kill them as quickly as possible, then head to the next encampment to fight more Minotaurs. Focus on enemies with a torch to save as many men as possible.

When the enemies flee, head out the wooden spiked opening and to the immediate left to find a CHRONICLE in the brush. Continue into the final encampment and use the same strategies. Watch for any enemies with a torch and take them out as soon as possible to save as many men as you can. There’s also one larger enemy here that you must stun with strong attacks. Save him for last and focus on the lesser enemies to bring down their numbers while you look for enemies with torches.

There’s a small hut in the corner of the encampment. Examine the dead body near it to find another SCROLL. Head down the path and follow it until you reach the Minotaur Chief, Glott. This is not a typical fight. Don’t attempt to stun him or even use strong attacks. Instead, wait for him to flash red, indicating two strong attacks are coming. Dodge the attacks, then immediately counter with three normal attacks (X). There are times when he winds up for a bigger attack. When this happens, he only attacks once. Dodge it and counter attack three times again.

When his life reaches 50 percent, an execution-style quick time event occurs, then he replenishes health and the fight continues again. Deplete his health completely to complete the level and witness another cinematic.

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