As Richard Dawson once said, "It's time to start RUNNING!"  (And if you don't recall where, go watch yourself a movie called The Running Man.)

Gaijin Games' forthcoming Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, the long-awaited sequel to its retro-tastic Bit.Trip Runner, is not only finished, but coming our way very, very soon.  The game has released today for the Wii U eShop, and tomorrow, it'll be sprinting its way into our hearts on Xbox Live Arcade.

But what about other systems, like PlayStation Network and Steam?  Not to worry.  The developer is hard at work on certification for those systems, and it's expected that those versions will be available next week.  iOS and PS Vita versions will also release during the summer.  (No word yet if the game is Cross-Buy compatible, but we're guessing that's very likely.)

The Commander Video-led adventure will run you $14.99 – a bit more expensive than the first game, but definitely worth it with its larger worlds and painstakingly beautiful graphics.

To get you up to, ahem, speed, we've provided a debut trailer for the game for you to watch below.  Put on your sneakers and enjoy.