RuneScape Players Can Now Stretch Their Legs as Logout Timer Finally Extended

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RuneScape has always had a very strict logout timer as a way to prevent permanent AFK training methods, as well as some more nefarious practices. It’s been the bane of many players’ existence as a singular distraction can cause a player to lobby, which can interrupt training methods and even have their spot stolen. Luckily, as of Monday, November 13, 2023, Jagex has graciously extended the logout timer for all players.

Jagex has decided to extend the logout timer from five minutes to ten minutes. Yes, ten minutes. If you have a Jagex Account, this stacks with the additional five minutes you receive as a reward for a total of fifteen minutes. It seems rather strict that in 2023, players will be booted back to the lobby after ten minutes. It’s even worse when you consider that Old School RuneScape players receive a twenty-five-minute timer. Why can’t RuneScape players receive the same?

Regardless, most of the community is happy because Jagex is bringing the extended login timer to all players, as opposed to Premier Members only. Which going by their most recent history, is something that would have been very Jagex-like to do. It appears that Jagex is listening, for now at least, between the logout timer extension for all and the Black Party Hat announcement not being linked to microtransactions.

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I suppose one should be grateful that we aren’t living in the pre-2009 RuneScape era, where the timer was 90 seconds long. Those were dark days, indeed. It definitely felt more lively, though. But at the same time, I wouldn’t be cutting back on the fiber just yet as ten minutes is still quite fleeting.

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