Runescape Hero Pass To Be Removed after Its First Season

The Hero Pass will end on December 4


RuneScape developers Jagex have announced that the Hero Pass will be retired after its first and only season following backlash from the community.

The controversial feature will be discontinued following its Underworld iteration’s end on December 4, 2023. Additionally, the developers have also promised the community that they will look for ways to pursue a new reward system that doesn’t involve content buffs with membership/paid disparity.

In a blog post explaining the decision behind ending Hero Pass, Jagex echoes the feedback received from recent player surveys, with players describing how the Pass itself ” doesn’t feel ‘RuneScapey'” nor “part of the world.”

“We do still believe that RuneScape could benefit from a system to better reward your time in Gielinor,” says the blog post, talking about the best way to move forward. “If we do explore a new reward system, the message is clear – we need to involve players from the outset. We would also ensure this new reward system has no paid disparity, through types of Membership or otherwise, around any Content Buffs or similar power-affecting concepts.”

Additionally, Jagex is now seeking to create a deeper connection with the RuneScape player base by building a development process that enables clearer lines of communication between them and the players. “While Hero Pass was a misstep on this path, we’ll be continuing to push forward in this area with more opportunities to add your voice to the game.” The developers state there’s going to be a combat rebalancing beta this year which will have more opportunities for players to voice their concerns moving forward.

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