Remember Runescape? It’s been going since my grandma was but a wee lass, well anyway, its new expansion Evolution of Combat has entered beta.

50,000 people have been picked to test the new content in the beta from the hundreds of thousands who applied to take part.

Anyone who has been a member or 12 months or over will also get a look in. The only other chance to hop on the beta wagon is to get on the member train (or stay on it) before one of the Runescape members-only open weekends, the first of these reaches the station on July 7th.

Lead designer Mark Ogilvie explains the expansion’s contents:

"The Evolution of Combat update is the biggest change we've ever made in RuneScape's long history and we're incredibly excited to finally let our players take part," he said.

"We really wanted to make our conflict gameplay more about the actual art of combat, so we've added amazing abilities which will give the player a wealth of choices to use in PvE and PvP combat, and the way those abilities relate to each other will bring a completely new sense of tactical depth to the game.

"We've also made huge improvements to the look and sound of combat, meaning the entire game has become a far more gritty, visceral and adrenaline pumping experience."