The upcoming Batman game coming from Warner Bros. Montreal has been a huge topic of discussion over the past several months, especially with all of the hints that the team keeps hiding all over their social media. That being said, we haven't actually had an official reveal yet but a new report is claiming that it's not a new IP, instead the upcoming Batman game will reportedly be a reboot. 

The latest rumor comes from Sabi, a resource that has been valuable with previous leaks that proved to be true and a person that is very well-connected within the industry. According to their latest report that "multiple people" on the WB weighed in on, the new Batman game from Warner Bros. will be a reboot instead of a new direction altogether. 

Unfortunately, it seems that Sabi's account has been temporarily deleted but we do have the contents of the tweet thanks to Heroic Hollywood. According to Sabi, "Now that I’ve talked to multiple people on it… the new Batman game does seem to be a reboot. The name also changed during development. On the bright side, the Court of Owls is still a big focus, as I said before."

They then added at that the reboot would allegedly be based on the Arkham entry. While the news that Court of Owls will reportedly still be the focus is awesome, it's important to keep in mind that this has not yet been confirmed by Warner Bros. so until that information is verified from the source, we're keeping this firmly in the rumor pile until further notice. 

Earlier last year, WB Montreal assistant producer Valerie Vezina suspiciously dropped a major clue as to what the new project could be about with a photo of the team teasing a new project donning Court of Owls attire. For those that are unfamiliar with the Court of Owls, they are a group of villains set up in Gotham that are seen as the masterminds behind the city and how it operates. Known for their ability to take a situation and bend it to their will, this group is powerful and a worthy opponent to Batman himself.

We've known for quite some time now that WB Montreal had two DC games in the works and they've already proven that they know how to give DC fans a solid Batman story with Arkham Origins. Pair that with the fact that the studio has vehemently shot down Superman rumors, it looks like the very epitome of justice is about to have another shot at the spotlight.

Excited for a potential Court of Owls gaming narrative or are you salty over the potential reboot direction?