As if the manliness meter wasn’t already going through the roof on the news that The Expendables 2 will be arriving this August (complete with more Arnold, which is what you guys wanted, right?), it looks like a game could very well be joining the fray.

IGN is reporting that an Expendables video game is in the works, as an early ratings leak has indicated one was in the works.  What’s more, Ubisoft is listed as the game’s publisher, as well as applicant and author. The publisher didn’t really have any comment on the project, nor was it shown at E3.

So what’s the story then?  Are we going to be able to play in multiplayer and see who is really better, Arnold or Sly?  Or is this is just some tomfoolery that’s somehow tying in with the madness behind the film?  And also, can it beat Call of Duty?

We’ll let you know when something is officially announced.