While Nintendo is putting a lot of focus into its new Wii U game system, it isn't forgetting about the Wii, as it has a number of bundles available to entice casual players, including ones that have Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort and Just Dance 4.

But it looks like it may be putting together yet another package, this one featuring yet another redesign for the system. Nintendo World Report has stated that a major retailer has said that the new system, which will be even smaller than the last (is that possible?!) will come with a sensor bar, Nunchuk, Wii remote with Wii Motion Plus and a jacket.  It's scheduled for release on December 7th.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed this story yet, so right now it's up in the air.  But considering that the company has already drastically redesigned its original Wii system – without GameCube backward compatibility, at that – it's hard to believe they would do it again.  But, then again, some companies are prone to redesigning their hardware to be more practical.  (We're looking at you, Apple.)

We'll let you know more official details once they're confirmed.