Ever since we caught glimpses of it last year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, LucasArts' Star Wars: 1313 project painted a bleak, incredible future for the video game franchise, one that shied away from the usual nature the space saga has become known for, instead resembling a more mature action title.  We were hoping to hear more about it this year…but some startling news indicates that we may not see it that soon.

According to a report from Kotaku, various anonymous sources at LucasArts have indicated that the ambitious 1313 project is on hold for the time being, with no date for restart scheduled.  The game, despite its creativity, has lost a bit of steam following Disney's acquisition of LucasArts, and won't be released this year.

However, LucasArts, while refusing to comment on the game's progress, has indicated that it has not been cancelled, meaning there's hope for it yet.  The only question is…when will we see it?  

We'll have more information as soon as we get it.  Here's hoping the Force is strong with this one.