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Ruined King League of Legends Story Announced at The Game Awards

by Ginny Woo

League of Legends fans may have been a little nervous about the Riotforge project that was recently announced that would allow third party creators to use the Riot IP in their own creative projects. It now looks like The Game Awards has officially announced the first major beneficiary of this initiative – the Ruined King League of Legends story.

The Ruined King League of Legends story is being developed jointly with Airship Syndicate, who are notable for working on Battlechasers and the recent Darksiders Genesis which has only just dropped on a number of consoles this month. As per the trailer below, the focus is going to be on the familiar, ghoulish face of Thresh and the Shadow Isles, with the game projected to be a turn-based RPG title that’s going to apparently have a rather unique take on combat.

We also know that the title is going to have Poros, so honestly, that’s all of our bases covered. When we learn more about a Ruined King League of Legends story, we’re going to update this article with whatever we find out. In the meantime, feel free to check out our other Game Awards coverage:

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