Angry Birds: Star Wars has been a top-seller for the mobile and social market since its release a few months ago.  With that, Rovio is looking to add to its success by introducing a new part of the saga – the prequel trilogy.

Earlier today, the official Rovio Twitter account tweeted the following: "Big new game announcement coming on Monday! ‪#July15‬".  It also included an image of the red Angry Bird sitting in a similar position to where the young Anakin Skywalker was when the original Star Wars: Episode One poster made its debut, complete with Darth Vader silhouette in the background.

Though nothing has been formally announced yet, this indicates that the prequel trilogy, which started in 1999 with Phantom Menace and concluded in 2005 with Revenge of the Sith, will be the subject for this new game. We'll have more details on the expansion when Monday rolls around.