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Rooster Teeth Vice President Arrested Following Domestic Violence Allegations

by Liana Ruppert

Rooster Teeth Vice President Michael Quinn has been arrested following domestic violence claims. Quinn made headlines last week when his wife came forward, painting a grim picture of their relationship together. The incident in particular that drove her to come forward happened earlier this month on November 8th and the warrant for Quinn’s arrest went live the following week. 

According to his wife, she came home on the night of the 8th to find Quinn heavily intoxicated with both drugs and alcohol after a party. She then alleges that he became aggressive, quickly, with demands of where she had been while she was at work, which resulted in her report detailing a series of punches to both her stomach and her head. 

She later cited that he held a gun to her head, saying “If I’m going to kill you, I’m going to use my hands.” When she attempted to flee, he smashed her hand using the door and then used a hole puncher to bash her head in. Following the head injury, after a series of punches, she alleges that he then strangled her to the point where she lost consciousness. When she awoke, she stated that he was laughing at her condition. 

After Quinn withdrew from the altercation, his wife mentioned that she was worried about going to the police for official action, citing fear that he would come after her and her daughter in retaliation. After reflection, she sought out the Westlake Police Department and an official report was filed, resulting in an arrest warrant being issued days later. 

According to the police report, Quinn’s wife was littered with bruises and evidence of blunt-force trauma. When she came forward, details of the couple’s past came to light, painting a picture that this was not the first time severe violence has made its way into their pairing. 

With the MeToo movement sweeping Hollywood, the gaming industry has had its own fair share of revelations, oftentimes with physical proof of abusive secrets being held. We do not have details on a court date at this time, but we will be updating this story as more information comes to light. 

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