From the UFC to WWE, Ronda Rousey is starting a new venture: streaming some Pokemon Sword and Shield on Facebook Gaming. While the former wrestler has plans to stream other games in the future, she decided to go for the Pokemon experience right out of the gate. Interesting that she didn't choose Mortal Kombat 11 ...

Ronda took to her Instagram to debut the news in addition to her Australian bushfire relief efforts. According to the new streamer, "Game streaming is one of the rawest and most authentic mediums, and the time is right for me to jump into the stream exclusively on Facebook Gaming with the #RowdyOnes. My first stream is gonna be on February 18th at 3pm PST– I’ll donate 100% of proceeds from the first stream to Australian bushfire recovery efforts."

She then shared another post with the same caption showing off her Pokemon affinity: 

Whether she'll branch out to other streaming platforms remains to be seen, though there does seem to be a burst recently with Facebook Gaming nabbing some pretty big names for their platform, including Corinna Kopf. 

Ronda Rousey made a name for herself as a wildly competitive and seemingly unbeatable opponent in the UFC until, well, she was beaten. Badly. This move influenced her decision to try something new, instead moving over into the scripted world of the WWE where she took the Divas division to new heights before, again - leaving. Maybe it was all leading up to her true career in streaming, only time will tell, but it is kind of funny to think of her as Sonya Blade from her voice work in Mortal Kombat 11 playing a Pokemon game. Mortal Kombat meets Pokemon, we dig it.