In case you didn't get enough helpful advice from us with our online strategic previews and print guides, Prima Games is going one step further with a weekly recap of great tips for new games.  Welcome to Rolling Back the Week's Best Tips, where we look back at new games and give you some quick tips on each, to help get you through certain sections or just enjoy the game in general.

This is in a scattershot format, so don't be surprised if we jump from one game to the next in a rather rapid-fire manner.  The goal here is to cover as many games as we can in each article, while helping you along in the process.  It's like a "greatest hits" thing, but without having to deal with those cheesy K-Tel commercials of old.  (Plus we have more contemporary hair – no afros here.)

Let's roll back the week's best tips!

Bioshock Infinite

This is a huge game, one that will take you a few hours or more to get through.  But one thing that we've found vital to getting through it in one piece – especially on a harder difficulty – is finding a proper combination of vigors and weapons.  There are several combinations worth trying out.

For instance, the shotgun is a perfect weapon when you find yourself facing groups of enemies – or more armored ones like the Motorized Patriot or the Fireman – and combined with the Murder of Crows, it's a great "clean-up" tool.  While your enemies are distracted and picked away by your flying friends, you can head on in and clean up.

Likewise, utilizing the Devil's Kiss and the machine gun is quite effective as well, especially with those outside of shotgun range.  You can lob a fiery death bomb from afar to handle one group, then set your sights on another as you move forward.  What's more, you shouldn't forget about being able to create a "trap", which is activated by holding down the button rather than just tapping it.  Try to lay it down in front of a staircase or a place you know that an enemy has to walk through.  (It's perfect for enclosed corridors, too.)

And don't forget to keep Possession on hand.  You never know when it's going to be handy for turning a turret in your favor.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

One significant new aspect to this year's golf game from EA Sports is being able to "craft" your shots, so to speak, by tweaking items in your swing.  This is a great addition, one that helps you find your proper "feel" to the golf game, but, honestly, the best place to start is with the default system.

We highly suggest going a good 18 holes with the set-up that EA Sports already has in place.  This way, you have a moderately fair idea of how things work, and what needs to change.

Don't get too drastic – or weird – though.  That's because you don't want to make the game work against you with a system so elaborate that you may forget how things operate.  Sure, it can be fun for a little while, but you want to find a "comfort zone", if you will, that makes you feel good about hitting the ball up the fairway.

For that matter, don't be afraid to use spin to your advantage.  Once the ball is in the air, you can direct the spin however you want, whether giving it a forward boost, moving it backward or going to the side.  This can make all the difference in getting the ball to roll closer to the hole, saving you precious strokes.

Good luck, and we'll see you on the course.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Electronic Arts' latest third-person team-based action game doesn't let up when it comes to explosive excitement, as it utilizes the Frostbite 2 engine in the best way possible.  That said, you'll want to keep on your toes, because some of these guys mean serious business.

You might want to try running through the game on single player first.  Co-op is a great feature, like it always is with Army of Two, but going solo will teach you some of the more basic mechanics, like how to cover and aiming.

Overkill is a souped-up maneuver that you earn over the course of the game.  Once your meter fills up with it, your shots become well powered, stopping an enemy dead in their tracks or turning a car into a thunderous explosive device that works in your favor.  However, it only refills so often.  We heartily recommend using it sparingly, especially against the tougher hombres that take more than one bullet to bring down.

Finally, once you do go co-op, make sure you have someone on the same page as you.  No one likes a straggler.

Battleblock Theater

Finally, for our last tips-related game of the week, we have the latest from The Behemoth, a fun side-scrolling romp that's ideal for single player and co-op.

When it comes to co-op, try to be on the same page as your cohort.  Sure, it's fun to trap them (making them drown, throwing them into spikes), but eventually the two of you will need to complete a stage.  Try to keep a close eye on what your partner is doing, and don't be afraid to call "HELP!" (left trigger) if you spot something of significance.  Collecting all the gems works in your favor in the long run.

If some gems seem out of reach, remember that you don't enter any sort of time limit until you get to the exit.  Sure, you might miss out on the time stamp at the end of the stage, but you can always go through it again and complete it much more quickly.  Take the time to scope out the stage, look for hidden passages (there are more surrounding the area than you think) or work with a friend to reach the higher-up space…even if that means jumping on their head or accidentally killing them.  They'll (probably) understand when it comes to the overall collective nature of the game.

See you next time on Rolling Back the Week's Best Tips!