Rockstar Games isn't really making much of a ruckus this holiday season, as Grand Theft Auto V still hasn't gotten any sort of release date yet.  That said, they may be turning to some of their classic games to get some sales this holiday.

A NeoGAF user by the name of "thekonamicode" has discovered some artwork for the Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 package, which contains four of the company's best games – L.A. Noire, Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption.  The package is showing a price of $59.99, and is supposedly set for release on November 13th.  What's more, the games come together on a set of PS3 discs, meaning that the install wouldn't go above 3.5 GB – a reduction compared to what the games install separately.

UPDATE: Rockstar has confirmed that the collection will come out on November 6th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Rejoice!