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Rocket League’s Llama-Rama Event Starts September 26

by Jesse Vitelli

Today Rocket League announced it’s brand-new event titled Llama-Rama, which, as you guessed, is a crossover with Fortnite. This comes as no surprise since Psynoix, developers of Rocket League, were purchased by Epic Games.

Llama-Rama kicks off on September 26, just three days after the free-to-play release of Rocket League. The event runs until October 12 so be sure to get in there and make the most of it. Some more details about what players can expect from the event can be found below from the Rocket League website.

“Beginning with Llama-Rama, in-game events are going to be slightly different from what you may be used to. To unlock the items from the event, you’ll need to complete Event Challenges. Each Event Challenge you complete will grant a specific Event Item once you claim it from the Challenges Menu. Complete them all to unlock Rocket League’s newest car, the Battle Bus! Check out the items in the slideshow below!” 

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If you’ve ever thought that there isn’t enough Fortnite in Rocket League, well, you’re in luck. You can finally play as the best character in Fortnite, the Battle Bus. The trailer for the event showcases some of the new cosmetic items players can receive from participating in the event: a new Llama car topper and some sick purple and blue paint splatters.

Rocket League announced it would go free-to-play earlier this summer. It officially announced just last week that this new free-to-play model would launch on September 23. So this marks the first in-game event for Rocket League after going free-to-play. It makes sense for epic to promote Fortnite in whatever they can. Just yesterday they announced that BTS would air their new music video inside the game’s Party Royale.

If it’s been a while since you’ve played Rocket League this seems like the perfect time to hop back in. Be sure to stay on the lookout for more Rocket League events in the future, because it sure seems the game is about to usher in a whole new era for players.

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