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Rocket League Tournaments Beta Arrives Next Week

by Larryn Bell

Rocket League is getting its own built-in tournament features, and players can help test out these new features as early as next week, according to a blog post today from Psyonix. The Rocket League Tournament Beta will go live for a short time next week, starting on Wednesday, February 21 and lasting until Friday, February 23. Tournament mode will allow Rocket League players to create and play in bracketed single-elimination tournaments.

The Rocket League Tournaments beta begins at 10:00 am PST on February 21 and ends at 5:00 pm PST on February 23. The team at Psyonix mentioned the Tournament Beta in their 2018 Rocket League Spring Roadmap, which outlines what’s in store for Rocket League over the next couple of months. 

How to Join the Rocket League Tournaments Beta

Participating in the upcoming Rocket League Tournament Beta is simple, as long as you own a copy of Rocket League on Steam. During the beta test period, open Steam and right-click on Rocket League in your Steam Library. Select “Properties” from the dropdown list, then select the “BETAS” tab. In the first dropdown, select “Tournaments Beta” to opt into the Rocket League Tournaments Beta test. Your Steam client should update to the beta test version of Rocket League once you close the pop-up window.

Note that opting into the Tournament Beta will replace the live version of Rocket League you have installed on Steam. Don’t worry, your player data won’t be affected. However, your audio, video, and control settings may change and Competitive Playlists won’t be available within the Tournaments Beta. Once the beta ends, you can return to the normal version of Rocket League by going back into the BETAS tab and selecting to opt out of beta programs on the dropdown.

Tournaments will be added to Rocket League in the Spring Update, which is expected to arrive sometime in March or April. Thanks to Psyonix’s partnership with Hot Wheels, players can also look forward to playing with a new set of real-life Rocket League Hot Wheels RC Cars, which will launch with another set of Hot Wheels DLC for Rocket League later this year.

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