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Psyonix Outlines New ‘Rocket Pass’ System for Rocket League

by Larryn Bell

Rocket League developer Psyonix has recently revealed new details regarding the upcoming Rocket Pass system that’s on its way later this year. The developer first announced the Rocket Pass in their Summer Roadmap back in May. According to a recent news post from Psyonix, the Rocket Pass will be available later this summer.

Similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass and the upcoming Event Pass for PUBG, the Rocket Pass consists of a leveling system whereby players who own the pass can earn in-game customizations and rewards for leveling up their pass and reach higher Tiers. Players who want to unlock rewards without forking over cash can utilize the Free Rocket Pass, which will automatically unlock custom items such as player banners, in-game titles, and Decryptors.

On the other hand, players who want to make the most of the Rocket Pass system in Rocket League may want to purchase the Premium Rocket Pass upgrade instead. The Premium version will cost ten Keys (valued at $9.99 USD), which will grant access to more exclusive items including new Car Bodies, additional Keys, and more.

The Premium Rocket Pass also features XP Boosts and XP Awards to help pass holders level up their Rocket Pass more quickly. Players can upgrade to the Premium pass at any time without losing progress, unlocking any Premium content earned up to their current Tier. You will also get to see what the Premium Rocket Pass has to offer before upgrading, so that you know what to expect before making the switch to Premium. 

The Rocket Pass will be available to all players on every platform Rocket League is available on. Aside from some select items, every item earned from the Rocket Pass will be tradable. After unlocking all of the Tiers in your Rocket Pass, players with the Premium upgrade can begin earning Pro Tiers, which reward random Painted and/or Certified versions of select pass items you’ve already unlocked.

While the progression-based passes in other games usually feature specific quests or missions, Psyonix was quick to point out that the first Rocket Pass won’t have any gameplay challenges.

“We are being careful about introducing “challenges” as we don’t want to disrupt the competitive balance of Rocket League by encouraging users to hunt down specific stats like Saves or Assists,” clarified Psyonix. “That said, we are considering safe ways to give players specific goals for future Passes, like playing matches in specific game modes, or achieving shared team objectives.”

Psyonix has yet to solidify the exact number of Tiers that will be available in the Rocket Pass, but the developer estimates that each Rocket Pass will take about 100 hours to complete. If you’re looking for new goals to accomplish in Rocket League, then the Rocket Pass may be a great feature for you. 

If you’re looking for some new in-game customizations for Rocket League in the meantime, make sure to check out the new Jurassic World Car Pack DLC, which includes a fiery new T. Rex goal explosion and iconic Jurassic Jeep Battle-Car.

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