Stranger Things season 3 on Netflix blew everyone's minds apparently and for those anxiously awaiting what's next, the wait can seem unbearable. Though this is in no way season 4 news, Stranger Things fans can at least experience a beloved show in a different way: in Rocket League. 

"Rocket League is entering The Upside Down, and things have gotten … stranger," boasts the official reveal of the Halloween event. "Netflix's award-winning show, Stranger Things, has invaded this year's Haunted Hallows! Play Online Matches and earn Candy Corn to unlock top-secret items created by the Hawkins National Laboratory for your Battle-Cars. There are also some spooky and autumn-inspired items to check out!"

Some of the prizes included in the event are the Camp Know Where baseball topper, the Leaf LItter topper, a spoopy demogorgon banner, a Halloween-inspired Spider Boogie decal, the Scoops Ahoy avatar border, the Jacktide decal, and so much more. Each of these items can be purchased with Candy Corn, which can be obtained simply by playing matches! 

Things are definitely getting stranger when Netflix's Stranger Things invades Rocket League on October 14 until November 11. Are you excited for the Haunted Hallows Halloween event? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames