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Rock Band Downloadable Content Concludes Today With Don McLean’s “American Pie”

by Prima Games Staff

It’s been a long, tireless road for Harmonix and its support of Rock Band DLC over the years.  For 281 weeks, the company delivered on some stellar content, including song packs from Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, The Beatles and so many, many more.  But like any good concert, all things must come to an end.

This week marks the conclusion of release of Rock Band content, with Don McLean’s eight minute opus “American Pie” capping off the releases.  You can get it now for 160 Microsoft points ($1.99), and add one last piece to your 4,000+ song music collection.  Rock Band Network updates will continue to come in, as will tournaments and other online events, but as for official song releases… that’s all she wrote.

To commemorate the conclusion of the content, Harmonix released a special video with many of its development members jamming along to the song.  Feel free to check it out below, and light up your lighters if you’ve got ’em.  (Or cell phones, those work just as well…)

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