Rock Band Blitz has been partying up a storm since the game debuted on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, but one minor issue within it has players a little frustrated.  See, there's this system where you can use power-ups over the course of each stage, but you're required to have so many coins to activate them -- and there's only so many you earn over the course of each stage.  But fear not, Harmonix is here to help you out of this recession.

The company has provided a free update to the game, one where the pricing structure is way more fair, with better coins to be had and Score Wars rewards doubled, meaning you can buy more of your precious power-ups and feel like a high-scoring genius.  This is across all songs and modes, so you won't receive a demerit if, for some reason, you feel like warbling along to "Never Gonna Give You Up" (like Fernando does around the office).

Check out Rock Band Blitz on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network now.  Well worth the moolah -- even without Rick Astley.