Roblox Is Finally Making Its Way To PlayStation & Meta Quest

Roblox is finally coming to PlayStation & Meta devices.

Fans of the popular Roblox platform have been clamoring for years to play on their PlayStations, and it looks like the time has finally come. After countless months of teases from the platform’s code, leakers putting out false release dates and information, and so many more bits of titillating hope, we finally have official confirmation that Roblox is coming to the PlayStation family.

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Not only that, but we have confirmation that the Meta Quest is finally getting a full version of Roblox, filled to the brim with exciting experiences that take advantage of the special hardware. But when will we be able to finally jump into the exciting worlds and experience Skibi Toilet in full 4K glory?

October. Roblox coming to PlayStation has been teased since 2018, so one more month until we can finally log on with our favorite console is nothing. While no official date was given during the event that revealed this particular bit of knowledge, we can expect to learn more as the new month approaches.

Meta Quest, on the opposite side of the coin, has been available in Open Beta for some time on Meta Quest 2 for a few months now. I took the time to jump into Virtual Reality Roblox and found it to be rather fun and exciting. Unfortunately, there was not any information regarding the full release for this particular platform, so jump into the Beta and start having fun now.

If you’re hoping to learn about everything coming to the Roblox platform in the coming months and even years, the Roblox official Blog has posted all of the reveals from RDC 2023, available to read for all fans of the platform. Sad to say, but Roblox coming to the PlayStation ecosystem may be the reason I power on my PS5 for the first time in months.

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