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Rise of the Tomb Raider – The Rescue, Save Jonah, Path of the Deathless, The Divine Source

Take Lara through the final chapter of the game as you defeat a plethora of Trinity soldiers.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

In the final portion of our Rise of the Tomb Raider walkthrough, Lara Croft heads back to the Soviet Installation to rescue Jacob, then she must head back to Geothermal Valley to reach the hidden city and find the Divine Source.

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Soviet Installation (cont.)

The Rescue

Turn around to see a camp fire. You now have access to Broadhead Climbing Arrows that allow you to reach to new areas. Open the strongbox just beyond the camp fire to obtain a stash of Broadhead Climbing Arrows, then look by the wooden fence at the very end of the path to find hidden loot.

Shoot the soft wood near the fire and climb up the wall. You only need to shoot one Broadhead Climbing Arrow into the soft wood at the time in order to make it up the wall. Examine the mural at the top to increase your Russian knowledge, then slide down the two zip lines.

You’ve been to this area the last time you were in the Soviet Installation. Head down the wooden path and climb up to the top of the area. If you have any trouble reaching the top, refer to our section on the Soviet Installation and reach the paragraphs leading up to the Prison Break mission.

When you reach the top, check out the Supply Shack if you have enough coins to purchase an item you want, then use the Broadhead arrows to climb the wall to the right of the shack. Examine the recorder on the table to the right, then open the strongbox on the left side of the path to find a Full Auto Shotgun piece. There’s more hidden loot in the snow to the left of the satchel laying next to the corpse.

Collect the loot then continue down the snowy path and into the cave ahead. Move through the narrow crack at the end of the cave and use the grapple axe to reach the far side. Head down the wooden path to the rock wall, then climb up (if you don’t make the jump) and scramble up the wooden board on the wall ahead. Continue through the cave until you reach the crack at the end that leads back out into the snow.

Tracking Down Trinity

Keep moving down the snowy path, then grapple across to the ice wall and climb to the top. Watch a cut scene then climb up the tree at the end of the path, jump up to the branch above and then over to the ice wall to the right. Climb up the wall then move to the right along the ledge and continue climbing to the top.

Follow the path to the next destination point for another short cut scene. Kill the soldiers in this area, then proceed across the log that’s located behind the crane in the far right corner. Take out the enemies in the next area, then use the climbing arrows to head up the wooden wall in the far left corner. Clear the enemies from the next area, then head toward the base and crawl through the small crack at the bottom of the wall, to the left of the main gate.

Stop at the camp fire and collect the Stamp relic in the item box next to the fire. Continue down the path and into the pond ahead. Dive underwater and move toward the opening, but do not surface yet. Activate Survival Instinct to determine when the closest soldier is out of sight of any other soldiers. Once it’s safe, drown him in the water, then get out of the pond and finish off the remaining enemies.

Move toward the red truck to see several more enemies. Take them out and continue up the stairs toward the next destination marker. When you reach the ladder, do not jump up to it just yet. Instead, circle around under the red circular walkway near the ladder. Circle all the way around to the far side to find an item box that contains the Reliquary Pendant relic.

With the relic in hand head up the ladder then go past the room to the left and move to the far end of the walkway to find another item box that holds the Engraved Casing relic. Head inside and loot the building as you circle around to the next ladder. Climb up to watch a short cut scene.

Save Jonah

Drop down to the path below and head to the far side to find a zip line. Move down the zip line until you hit the carriage below, where you need to reassure your grip by pressing X. Jump to the left, take down the guard on the next platform, then jump over to the snowy wooden platform ahead. Use the grapple axe to reach the building ahead.

As you move through the area you’ll end up walling down into the water below. Climb out of the water and move through the area to the next zip line. Take out the nearby guard and use the final zip line to get into the main building ahead. Continue through the doorway ahead to watch another cut scene.


Now it’s time to basically kill everyone (what you’ve been doing the entire game). Drop down and access the camp fire below. Collect the loot box directly ahead, then squeeze through the crack in the door and prepare to take down the hostiles. Move through the area, taking down bad guys and running from the helicopter until you watch Lara dive into the water.

Move underwater and through the hole in the wall. The next room has several holes where you can surface, but there are also a bevy of enemies above. Luckily the room is filled with red smoke, so as long as you don’t come in contact with the laser sites on Trinity’s weapons, you can sneak around and stealth kill all of the enemies. If you get caught, quickly jump into the water again and swim to a different hole to lose them. Kill all of the enemies to watch another cut scene.

Geothermal Valley (cont.)

There’s a camp fire directly behind you if you need to upgrade your weapons, unlock new skills or just prepare for what’s ahead. When you’re ready head down the stairs and break through the wall to the right.

The Orrery

Continue down the stairs and across the pole to find ore on the wall in the corner. Drop down to the lower area below the soft wood wall to find loot hidden on the ground, then climb back up and use climbing arrows to traverse the soft wood. Head around the corner to see more soft wood and shoot arrows so you can reach the very top of the soft wood on the right. This allows you to reach the upper ledge (instead of the lower ledge where the next path is located). Here you’ll find a satchel.

Drop down to the lower area and continue through the cave to the camp fire, then head into the water ahead. To the far right you’ll find some hidden loot on the small piece of land. Collect the loot then proceed to through the water to the shore on the far side. Climb up and head down the stairs ahead.

Path of the Deathless

Continue along the path lined with spears until you reach the gate. Move through the crack to the left of the gate and move down to the area below. Head through the broken gate and walk out onto the wooden beam, toward the Orrery ahead.

Shoot rope at the small globe and pull it to rotate the beam ahead so you can jump over to it. Drop down into the middle area and move to the far side to find another globe you can shoot. Shoot it twice so that the hanging rings where you can grapple axe are facing the wall. You want to be able to jump onto the closest beam (you’ll have to scramble up the metal plate) and then use the grapple axe to swing to the adjacent beam.

Before you’re ready to do all of that, you need to shoot the globe to the left of the one you just shot twice. Shoot this second globe twice as well, but do not shoot the globe in the corner. That one should remain in its default position. You will need to move back around to the spot where you dropped down so you can pull the globe properly to line up the other metal plate so you can jump to it from the beam in the corner.

Now you’re ready to scramble up the first metal plate, then look left and grapple over to the adjacent beam. Scramble up the second metal plate to the left, then move across the beam and head over to the platform to the right.

Climb all the way up to the top, collect the Ancient Coins in the corner, then push the wooden apparatus toward the large globe to unlock it. Move onto the ramp to the left of the apparatus and grapple over to the center object. Head across the large globe to the far side of the room and push in the apparatus here to unlock the other side.

At this point the top of the structure in the middle of the room starts to move. Wait until one of the grapple axe rings moves close to you, then use it to reach the center platform again. Once you’re on the center platform, look around for the structure that has one grapple ring and one board where you can scramble up. When the board is right next to the center platform, use it to climb up onto the top of the swinging structure.

Wait on either side of the beam at the top of the structure. Eventually the adjacent structure with two hanging horizontal beams will swing toward your position. When this happens, jump over to it, then look down and wait for a beam to swing around directly under you. As soon as this happens drop down onto it, then wait on the edge for the next structure (with one metal plate on either side) to get close. Jump over to it and climb up to the top.

You’re now high enough to jump over to the center structure ahead where the wooden pegs create a makeshift ladder. Jump over to the ladder and climb up to the top. Move around to the right and jump up to the next wooden peg above so you can climb to the very top. Head down the bridge on either side and wait for it to swing around to the corridor, then jump across.

Collect the loot in the room, including the Classically Trained archery skills at the pedestal. Continue to the far end of the room and scramble up the wall. Use climbing arrows to move up, then shoot more climbing arrows onto the soft wood to the left. You’ll need two or three arrows depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. Jump across and shoot a few more arrows into the next section of soft wood as you move down the corridor. Jump over to the far wall and scramble up to the cave.

Through the Glacier

Head down the path, but before you hit the stairs, look to the left to find another set of stairs going up. At the end of the stairs is another map you can collect.

Go back to where you just were and continue down the path. Jump across the small gap, then scramble up the wall and use your axe to climb up the rock wall above. When you reach the top, move left across the ledge and jump over to the ice wall at the end.

Climb up to the top and run over to the next ice wall. Attempt to climb up again only to fall down, then move through the narrow cavern until Lara jumps to safety. Head to the end of the path, then scramble up the wall to grab the ledge above and move to the left, then up as far as you can go before moving left again.

When you reach the ice wall climb up, then walk across the ice bridge to the statue. Jump over to the lip of the statue and continue to the left to find another camp fire. Head down the path and across the narrow bridge and then slowly move across the ledge to the next path, then climb up at the end of the path and head down the hill.

Into the Hidden City

Access the next camp fire down the hill, then head to the far right of the camp fire to find two item boxes at the end of the path. Collect the loot then use the zip line near the camp fire to reach the area below. You fall off the line as you near the other side, meaning you need to press X to reaffirm your grip.

Head left along the ledge and climb up at the end to find that a guard has cleverly spotted you. Press Y multiple times to take down the guard, then head into the next area and engage his friends. Use the explosive jars and stand on the top of the structures to attack from above. Many of these guards have shields and those who do not have armor that makes them far more difficult to kill compared to the enemies you’ve faced the rest of the game. The shotgun works well, as does your axe at close range, but if you use your arrows, you’ll have to knock off their helmets before you can score head shots.

Once you’ve cleared the enemies in the immediate area, head up the stairs in the corner to find many more in the adjacent area. Keep moving through the area, taking out enemies, until you get to the second cut scene. There’s loot scattered throughout in case you’re in need of more resources.

After the second cut scene, head down the stairs and into the next area. Collect the loot to the right, then head to the edge of the wooden ramp ahead. Jump over to the ice wall and climb to the upper left corner, then scramble to the top. Continue through the small opening to reach the ice cave beyond.

Breaking In

Slide down the hill and jump when you reach the end, then use the grapple axe to reach the Lost City. Be warned, if you don’t jump at the end of the hill you’ll fall to your death. You must jump before you can use the grapple axe to save yourself.

The Lost City

Head down the icy path and up the stairs. Squeeze through the narrow opening, then continue up the next flight of stairs.

The Frozen City

Circle around to the right to find a manuscript on the pedestal near the camp fire. Take the two zip lines down into the city, then move across the roof tops toward the destination point. Try not to drop down to the streets below to avoid the patrolling guards. There’s plenty of loot in the city, as well as a challenge that requires you to find and disable five bells. However, if you’re just trying to complete the game you can make a beeline for the destination point.

Once you reach the destination point, a short cut scene shows a trebuchet attacking the gate. You need to turn around and make your way over to the trebuchet. Along the way you’ll encounter a number of soldiers, so be prepared for battle.

The most direct path to the trebuchet is to hug the right wall. When you reach your destination, use climbing arrows to climb the soft wood around the bottom of the structure, so you can work your way around to the ice wall to the right. As you climb you’ll see a boarded up hole to the right. If you shoot this with a grenade arrow you’ll find a bell from the previously mentioned challenge.

When you reach the top, take down the soldiers, then move all the way around to the far side so you can climb to the raise platform where the trebuchet awaits. You have to face off against more enemies at the top, so clear them out then head up the stairs to the wheel on the side of the trebuchet. If you haven’t cleared all of the enemies in the immediate area you won’t be able to turn the wheel.

Turn the wheel to aim it at the gate on the far side of the city. Once it’s pointing toward the gate, hold RT until the targeting system is lined up with the gate, then release to fire. Destroy the gate then head back over and continue through the gate and up the stairs.

Stop at the camp fire then head up the stairs to the left. You can explore the immediate area to find a mural and some small loot if you like. When you reach the top of the stairs you obtain Armor-Piercing Arrows just in time to take on the armor-clad enemies that attack. Finish off two waves of enemies to continue on your journey. Use the numerous red explosive jars to finish off as many as you can with a single shot. Move around until they’re grouped near a jar before you shoot it.

Gate Crasher

Once the enemies are down head through the open gate and rotate the wheel to open the next gate ahead. Continue up the stairs, then look to the right to see a wooden blockade you can destroy with a grenade arrow. Clear the blockade then jump across to the far side and head to the end of the path to the right to find an item box that holds an Amber Necklace relic.

Head back to where you initially came up the stairs and move over to the wooden platform in the corner. Use rope to swing across to the far side, then clear the boards to the right to create a short cut back to the previous area before you take the zip line to the left then latch on to the ice wall and climb to the top.

Shoot the roped area above the hanging above the fiery pot and pull it to swing the pot around so it’s near the wooden ramp. Stand on the ramp and jump over to the pot to slam it into the frozen ice. Shoot climbing arrows into the soft wood ahead. Shoot enough to make a path up the wood so you can climb all the way to the top.

When you reach the upper area circle around to the far side and climb up. Unfortunately, there’s a wood obstruction blocking your shot. Rotate the trebuchet so you can jump over to the adjacent structure, then stand next to the roped pole and turn around to shoot the roped area of the trebuchet. Head back across to the trebuchet and rotate it to the right to break the wood that blocked your targeting.

Aim at the gate to the far left and fire a shot off. Unfortunately you need two shots to clear the gate and you’re interrupted by another trebuchet after the first shot. Take down the visible soldiers standing below the other trebuchet, then drop down and use rope to swing across to the next building. When you reach the long beam with rope on either side, shoot one side and pull it toward you to rotate the beam.

Jump on the beam and walk across to the far side, then jump over to the ice wall and climb to the top. Move left across the ledge, jump to the next ledge, climb on top of the wooden beam and jump over to the urn hanging nearby. Wait until it spins around so you’re under the beam above, then jump up to it.

Take out any remaining enemies when you reach the top, then climb up onto the trebuchet and move around to the ramp on the far side. While standing on the ramp, shoot the roped end on the right side of the wooden structure, where the urn is hanging and pull it toward you.

Drop down and use the pole sticking out to jump onto the beam holding the urn. Walk to the far side of the beam and jump down to the structure ahead. Stand next to the wooden basket and shoot the roped portion of the beam you just jumped off of to connect the two.

Use the nearby zip line to head back down to the lower area and shoot the rope on the side of the urn again to pull the basket off the structure. Shoot the same roped area from the other side to move the urn under the water, but unfortunately there’s something wrong. Shoot the roped board hanging from the basket to close the bottom, then move it back under the water again.

Stand on the wooden ramp protruding from the structure near the stairs (opposite the trebuchet) and shoot the board below the basket to release the water. Quickly jump over to the middle platform between the two roped ends, then jump onto the urn to slam it into the ice. If you’re too slow you will have to repeat this process again.

With the ice smashed move over to the wheel on the trebuchet. Archers attack but ignore them for now and aim the trebuchet at the gate. Once the gate is down, drop down to the lower area and head to the corner where the rope pole is at. Aim at the rope on the next platform to create a zip line and then use it to reach the adjacent structure. Take down the archers that attack at the next roped pole, then create another zip line to the ice wall and climb up the ledge. Move around to the right side of the ledge, then climb to the top.

Keep using the rope poles to create zip lines and move toward the gate. You can ignore most of the enemies along the way and only focus on the enemies in your direct path. Once you reach the gate, head down the stairs for a brief cut scene.

You Shall Not Pass

Quickly run and jump across the crumbling platforms. When you reach the last one, jump and use the grapple axe to reach the far side. Climb up and head into the next area as you prepare to engage another group of soldiers. Once again, use the explosive jars to handle most of the soldiers, then shotgun the rest. Once the soldiers are cleared watch a brief cut scene showing the ice falling as Trinity breaks through.


Run over to the open gate and climb up. Use a series of climbing arrows to make your way up to the top. When you reach the top, use rope to swing over to the ice wall, then climb up to the ledge and move around to the left. Jump over to the next ledge and press X when the nearby statue is hit and you need to firm up your grip.

Climb to the top and grapple twice to reach the rock wall on the far side. Move to the left then climb up to the top. Use climbing arrows to reach the far side, then continue down the path and swing over to the ice wall. Climb up once again then head to the left side of the gate and use climbing arrows to scale the wall to the ledge above.

Move left across the ledge until you can climb to the top, then grapple over to the next ice wall. Climb to the top again to find a uniquely placed camp fire. Jump across to the next ice wall and climb to the top. When a shot from the trebuchet hits above you, press X to reaffirm your grip, then continue to climb. When you can’t climb directly up any longer, jump to the left and continue to climb.

Watch the cut scene when you reach the top then slowly move along the ledge. After two more shots hit directly below you, jump over to the ice wall and latch on. Climb to the right as quickly as you can to avoid the ice that falls as you climb. When you reach the top of the ice wall, jump up to the ledge and continue to the left to reach the next ice wall.

Shortly after you latch on to the next ice wall, part of it crumbles and you need to press X again to reaffirm your grip. Climb up to the ladder-like stones as you make your way to the top. When you can’t go up any further, jump and quickly press X to use the grapple to latch onto the very top of the tower. But wait, you’re not done yet. A soldier grabs your leg and you need to shoot him several times in the head as quickly as possible before he kills you. Once the soldier is dead you can complete your climb to the top and watch another cut scene.

The Divine Source

Press forward as quickly as possible as you take down the hordes of Trinity soldiers that attack along the way. When you reach the camp fire at the end of the path, make note that this is the last camp fire before the end of the game. If you need supplies this is the time to fast travel to another camp fire and stock up.

When you’re ready grapple over to the ice wall ahead, then head left and jump over to the adjacent ice wall where you can climb to the top. You must fight off a helicopter and a bevy of soldiers. When the helicopter appears, wait until the trebuchet is ready and press X to launch a shot above the helicopter, then you must shoot it to rain fire down on the helicopter and send it away for a short while. You need to do this several times while fighting a large number of soldiers. Use all three levels of the area to your advantage and continue to move so you don’t get surrounded.

Once you’ve downed the helicopter, you need to fight more enemies in the area below. Climb up on top of one of the pillars and use the Greek fire lamps hanging around the area to kill anyone who walks under them. Defeat all of the enemies here and you’ll have to fight the man himself, only this time he takes your weapons.

Quickly run away from him and find a can on the ground. If you can make it into a bomb, do so and throw it at him. If you can’t use it as a distraction. Either way, once he’s distracted or taken damage from the bomb, run up and go for a stealth kill. You can also climb up on the pillars and attack from above when he comes close. No matter how you wish to finish him off, keep moving until you have a clear chance to do so. Once he’s down you need to finish him off, even after Lara walks away. You need to walk back to finish him.

Chamber of Souls

Head all the way up the stairs and into the Chamber of Souls to watch the final cut scene. Congratulations, you have completed Rise of the Tomb Raider!

Be sure to head back to our Rise of the Tomb Raider game hub for more tips and tricks to get through optional tombs and find collectibles.

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