Ride To Hell With Two Deep Silver Games This Summer

Hope you like biker violence, because these games are chock full of 'em.

Deep Silver is dealing with quite a bit these days, between tormented soldiers in Metro: Last Light, zombies in Dead Island: Riptide and gangsters in Saints Row IV.  But now it feels content to throw in bikers on top of all that.

The company has announced that it will release Ride To Hell: Retribution for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this June.  Developed by Eutechnyx (the same studio behind the NASCAR games), the game follows biker Jake Conway as he hunts down a renegade biker gang called The Devil’s Hand, who have wronged him in the worst way possible.  Though gameplay details weren’t revealed, there is an awesome action-filled trailer, which you can watch here to your heart’s content.

Deep Silver is also releasing a downloadable game called Ride To Hell: Route 666 for PSN and Xbox Live during the month of June, developed by a different team, Black Forest Games.  Details on this game aren’t as heavy, but you’ll be able to recruit and lead a gang of bikers from Chicago to Los Angeles, taking on many foes along the way.

We’ll have more details on both of these games soon, so in the meantime, watch the trailer and find yourself a good biker jacket.  Obviously, not safe for work…

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