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Rick and Morty Ad for PS5 is Hilariously Perfect

by Morgan Shaver

We’ve seen a number of cool ads for the PS5 including one from rapper Travis Scott. Now, Sony is branching out and is throwing PS5 ads into a completely different multiverse.

A new PS5 ad popped up today featuring Rick and Morty sitting in their living room promoting the console. It’s a short commercial, but it has no trouble getting the point across. 

Rick and Morty Ad for PS5 is Hilariously Perfect 

Ads can be fun when they’re done correctly, and a good example of what it looks like to do an ad correctly comes in the form of a PS5 commercial featuring Rick and Morty.

The 30-second video features Rick Sanchez sitting on the couch counting a large wad of money (from Sony) while instructing Morty on what he needs to say about the console. 

“They really wanted you to mention the speed, that was really important to them.” 

Most of the commercial is just Morty standing awkwardly next to the PS5 trying to get all of the information out, but the best part comes at the very end when Rick says: “Alright, we’re done. Go play PS5, suck my ass.” 

Obviously with those comical censor beeps during the latter half of that sentence but, c’mon, the censor beeps do nothing. Overall, the commercial is a lot of fun to watch which is a weird thing to say about a commercial. 

It’s totally true, though. Meanwhile, the comments are full of great one-liners in addition to people lamenting about the fact that they’re trying to buy a PS5 but aren’t having a lot of success. 

Some of our favorite comments were ones like, “Enjoying watching ads to watch this ad.” and “Even Rick had to go through the entire universe just to get one.” If you want to watch the ad in all of its hilarity, we’ve embedded it for you below. 

Once you watch it, we’re curious to hear what you think about the commercial. How do you think Microsoft could counter commercials like this with ones of their own for the Series X? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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