Reverse: 1999 Breaks Past One Million Milestone in Preregistration Campaign

Can't brave the Storm without the necessary equipment

Vertin and Sonetta from Reverse 1999
Image from Official Reverse 1999 YouTube The Utopia Test Trailer

Eager fans smash Reverse: 1999’s goals of one million preregisters with days left to the game’s release. Although this game is limited to mobile users, it’s not stopping the Timekeepers from wanting to see the game succeed with flying colors the moment it drops to the store.

Before their game was released, publisher Bluepoch Co. began a campaign to garner as many new players to their game as possible. The rewards came in three tiers and all have been achieved, rewarding all new Timekeepers with the maximum amount of rewards like gacha pull materials, currency for the game, and a free Five-Star Character.

Reverse: 1999 is a new role-playing game that toys with the narrative of a time-rippling event now causing the world to experience events in history backward, and it all started when something occurred in 1999. Now, a doomsday clock of sorts hints that a Storm will come, leaving it up to the Timekeeper Vertin to gather a group of Arcanists who can survive the Storm and help solve the mystery of what happened in 1999.

The game features characters from three different timeframes, a story that is fully voice-acted with accurate and skilled accents, and end-game content that will keep the player busy until the game is set to update. There’ll be plenty to do with four chapters in the story as well as a prologue and in-game combat that’ll expand to other domains and challenges for more rewards in the game. 

Reverse: 1999 will be available for pre-download on October 25, 2023, with the game releasing the next day on October 26. Players can already set the game to automatically download to their phone once it’s released on both the Apple Store for iOS users and on the Google Play Store for Android users. To learn more information about the game as more is learned, be sure to visit Reverse: 1999’s official X handle (formerly known as Twitter) where they continue to roll out updates about the game’s progress.

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