Colorful rhythm/shoot ‘em up mashup indie game Retro/Grade will be available for download as of August 21st, developer 24 Carat Games has announced.

The game features something of an unusual concept piloting its mechanics and storyline; a pilot has found there to be a huge problem with the space/time continuum and must travel backwards through the fourth dimension in order unshoot missiles and restore balance. It isn’t just as simple as that though as enemy fire needs to be avoided and the whole thing must be performed with perfect rhythm.

Retro/Grade can be played using either a Dual Shock 3 or a guitar peripheral, apparently it “seems like people's preference is split down the middle when it comes to controlling the game," reads the game’s FAQ.

The Retro/Grade OST will be available to purchase either on its own or as a bundle with the game, at what price you ask? We don’t yet know, and neither does Matt Giglenbach, the game’s creator, who said "This may sound a bit silly, but it hasn't been quite finalized yet even this close to release. I just got some e-mails this morning about it, so we will be announcing it very soon."

There’s also news of a demo, but we’re not sure when it’s coming. "We will definitely make a demo available. Retro/Grade is a hard game to wrap your head around until you've played it," Gilgenbach explained over at the US PlayStation Blog.

Have a look at the trailer below if you want to find out what all the fuss is about.