After spending a month or so exclusively on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles, VBlank Entertainment's long-awaited tribute to the old-school NES days has finally made its way to a new audience.

The company has announced that it has released Retro City Rampage for Xbox Live Arcade.  The game has you playing a loose cannon who runs all over the city, completing crazy missions and wreaking havoc while outrunning the police.  It's similar in nature to Grand Theft Auto, but the sly "retro" mentions, along with the beautiful 8-bit graphics and music, make it feel like a stellar product in its own right.

And right now, you can snag it for cheap.  Rather than being sold for the usual $15 price (where it sits on PSN – though it does come with both PS3 and Vita versions), the XBLA edition is selling for 800 Microsoft points – ten bucks.  We don't know how long this sale is going to last, so it's best for you to jump on it while you can.  This is easily one of 2012's best downloadable efforts, and a must-play if you grew up in the NES era.