A new day, a new Legend - at least a new Legend on the way. The team over at Respawn have begun to tease a new Apex Legends character on the way which is perfect given how much fans are enjoying Wattson and her hijinks. We already knew that season two would offer more than just the newest Legend and with rumors abound of Crypto being the next one up, it looks like the studio is ready to begin the official buzz. 

Crypto leaked earlier this year after E3 and, according to popular theories, will run similarly to Pathfinder, though an official reveal has not happened yet for the latest Legend. There is other buzz that it's not Crypto at all and instead a different legend named Rosie, but a recent post by one Tina Sanchez blew up those flames of speculation once more in force: 

Of course, one emoji can rule them all and one mouthless image leaned fans back over into the Crypto angle:

The mo-cap images come at a perfect time because EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently teased a brand new Apex Legends event coming soon that will bring about a huge feature that fans have been asking for (it's a suprise) and that it will offer a lot of "new" to the battle royale game. That new could very well include Rosie or Crypto, we just have to wait until we get an official announcement. 

As for the free-to-play battle royale experience, Apex Legends is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Still no Nintendo Switch yet, but we're keeping hope alive.