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Respawn Gives Update on Apex Legends Event Structure

by Nicholas Barth

The Iron Crown Collection event was the latest in-game event Respawn Entertainment implemented for its popular battle royale title of Apex Legends. With many more events expected to take place in Apex Legends in the future, Respawn Entertainment recently published a blog post detailing what the community can expect from these future in-game events. 

Going forward, Apex Legends will have three kinds of events. These three kinds of events consist of Season Launches, Collection Events, and Themed events. 

Official descriptions from Respawn Entertainment regarding each of these three kinds of events can be found below:

Season Launches

“At the start of every season, you can expect a major map update, a new Legend, new loot items (weapons, ordnances, etc.), meaty changes to the Legend and weapon meta and balance, updates to our Ranked mode, and potentially new features (like we introduced in Season 2 with Ranked mode). Every season will also feature the release of a brand-new Battle Pass.”

Collection Events

“These events will generally occur during a season and bring with them a limited-time mode, event challenges that let players earn cosmetics, and a mix of event limited and evergreen cosmetics available for direct purchase. These events may also include a town takeover or small map change, and potential extensions to Apex Legends lore. Legendary Hunt was an example of a Themed Event, with the next one coming early September focused on a certain Phase Expert.”

Themed Events

“Collection Events will also take place throughout the season and deliver a limited-time mode, event challenges where players earn cosmetics, and a set of event limited cosmetics available via Event-specific Apex Packs or direct purchase; it’s your choice. Like Themed Events, Collection Events may also feature a town takeover or small map change.”

According to Respawn, all three of these event structures for Apex Legends follow the same framework when it comes to providing new things for players to experience. This Apex Legends event structure framework consists of providing new gameplay changes, new forms of free progression content, and new purchasable cosmetics. 

You can read the recently published blog post by Respawn Entertainment in its entirety here

The Apex Legends community was very vocal in its displeasure and frustration with how Respawn Entertainment implemented the Iron Crown event. With this negative feedback in mind, Respawn will likely be ready to address the concerns the community had with the Iron Crown Collection event and work to make sure future events take this feedback very strongly to mind. 


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